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A Message from the Angels to You:

“You are not alone. You are deeply cared for, guided and protected by Our love. We are here to help heal places of disappointments and heartaches. We are here to help you release the hurt and pain that you have carried for so long. Our desire is to relieve your suffering from the wounding that is taking place individually, collectively, and globally.

Will you receive Our invitation to embrace this consciousness of light? Will you let Us strengthen and empower your dreams? Will you receive the blessings waiting for you,? Will you engage with Us in a way that truly opens your heart to receive Our inspiration?

We are here to heal, to guide, to inspire, to protect you, and to comfort you on your path of evolvement, awakening, and enlightenment. We whisper to you; “Nothing will stop you, nothing will deter you, and nothing will keep you from accomplishing that which you set out to do.” We will tender the patterns, judgments, evaluations, and belief systems that burden and lock you into feelings of unworthiness. We are your greatest advocates because We champion the champion in you.

Let Our messages and miracles illuminate and inspire the radiant star you truly are. Your unique abilities are God’s gift to you. What you do with them is your gift to God.

Yes, these are bold claims and passionate promises. That is who We are…powerful Divine partners…the original Attractor Factors. Are you willing to trust Us and what We offer? If you are jaded or wary or uncertain because this sounds too good to be true, then feel all of that and receive Our love anyway. For whether or not you believe in Us…We believe in you.

Dare to boldly step into Our reality of Hope, of Happiness and of Heaven on Earth.”

I am an Angel channel and messenger for the Angelic Realm. This is Their message to you.