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About Joyea

I am an ordained Minister and Channel for the Angelic Realm. Their messages, blessings, ceremonies and healings are provided along with guidance and spiritual counseling.

I started off in the corporate world, and worked my way up the ladder. In 1987, I had a spiritual reading. My life changed in that moment. The Presence that came through identified Himself as the Angel of the Face of God. So much truth was spoken, that it took me to the deepest part of my Spirit. I felt for the first time in my life that what I knew about myself had been Presenced. 

I became aware of my Purpose. I realized who we are as a human personality and who we are as divine spiritual beings.

With that inspiration, I co-founded a multi-denominational spiritual organization now known as The Ascended Masters Foundation and learned the wonderful adventure of co-creating with the Angels.

My life's work and passion is to assist people to actually have their own experience of connecting to their Angels, and see their lives transformed by the power of Their Love.

Joyea facilitating an Angelic Retreat at Heavenly Lodge.

Note the beautiful orb that manifested next to her!