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Services Offered

Joyea's services are offered individually or can be combined,

depending on your needs.

Joyea, an ordained Angelic Minister, offers Blessings, Ceremonies and Channeled Messages from the Angels who will answer your questions such as 

  • Are Angels real?
  • Can they really provide the answers I'm looking for, especially because I may be in turmoil, change or transition?
  • Can I rely on their direction, their guidance?
  • Is their advice practical, something I can use in my daily life?
  • Will they help me effect change when I'm blocked?
  • Will their advice be specific to me or a more general message that may not relate to me personally?

 YES to all of the above!

The Angels give you grounded, clear guidance, inviting you to work closely with them, answering your questions in a very practical way that is specific to you!

 Painting of Archangel Zadkiel by Marius Michael George.

Angel Readings

Each of us have Guardian Angels that have been with us since our soul's inception. The purpose of our Angelic Overseers is to provide guidance that offers clarity, awareness and true resolution to challenges. They are powerful Messengers of Light who are devoted to our well-being, especially during times of transition, healing and expansion. They are here to help, inspire and support us with every aspect of our life. In an Angel Reading, you will connect with your Angels and receive answers to your questions and true blessings of grace and hope.

Angel Readings last anywhere from one and a half to two hours. I never know exactly how long each reading will be because so much depends on what information your Angels have specifically for you. Shorter readings are also provided if you would like specific answers to 1 or 2 questions. 

Angelic Reading

The cost of a reading is

30 minutes = $60.00

45 minutes = $90.00

60 minutes = $120.00

90 minutes = $180.00

You are welcome to record your reading so you can relax and receive the many blessings, specific guidance, and healing the Angels have for you.

Long distance Angel readings are available by phone.

Weddings and Ceremonies

Description coming soon

Spiritual Counseling

Description coming soon

Angel Attunements

Sponsored by Archangel Gabriel, who promises to personally assist you to let go of what hasn't worked and what hasn't served you and to help you attune to your highest purpose. Assisted by the Angels, you will be living your life in conscious co-creation with the highest light and energy of Spirit in a way that is tangible, touching, and inspiring to all.

Presented in a series of gatherings or as a weekend retreat.

Angelic Healing Touch Sessions

1 hour session of physical touch radiating the healing energies of the Archangels. This powerful energy releases blocked areas of pain or discomfort while restoring balance and well-being within the body.

Guided Angelic Meditations

Connect with the loving energies of the Angels through guided meditation and receive the blessings of inspiration, peace and Grace. The Angels help everyone who calls upon Them, no matter what. They are on higher frequency wave-lengths than we are and through guided meditation, you will experience your Angels’ presence, connect with Their Light and immediately receive loving guidance from these Divine Messengers. Angelic Guided Meditations are offered both via teleconference and in person.

Chakra Realignment

Align and attune with the Angels’ pure light to source and support you. Connect to the functions of the chakras and clear obstacles in these energy centers of the body that creates healing and an awakening of your spiritual gifts.

Angelic Life Coaching

After receiving an Angel reading, many awarenesses are revealed. Through these private coaching sessions, you are supported with your individual growth process, spiritual path and living your life purpose.

Angelic Career Counseling

Discover your own unique personality characteristics, utilizing the Myers-Briggs type indicator, to help you identify the best career fit for your personality style. This powerful profiling tool provides you with the knowledge to focus on your natural skills, talents and abilities creating fulfillment with your life's work. By understanding how we present ourselves in the world, we connect to the Spirit of who we are, to the Divinity of our Soul and live our own unique expression.

Angel Gatherings

Let yourself be nurtured in the light of the Angels as you are soothed, comforted and tendered in Their love. Learn how to integrate the Angelic Presences into your everyday life with practical steps and tools that allow you to create a true partnership with your Angels. See yourself thru your Angels eyes and be empowered to express your true essence...the gift of Love and Light you bring to this world.

One Day Angel Playshops

In a fun, light-hearted and transformative environment the Angels help us identify and release our heart wounds and core issues so that we are free to express our authentic, powerful nature. We become partners with these Divine Agents in a wonderful adventure of inspiration, co-creation and manifestation.