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View from Joyea's Angel Haven

The Angels have guided me to come to Sedona, Arizona and set up an Angel Haven for the purpose of anchoring Their angelic light and guidance. 

Archangel Michael said Sedona is one of, if not the purest, most vibrantly thriving places on the planet for angelic and elemental energies to be felt.

Come and receive the joys and blessings in the Company of Angels in Sedona!

 About Angelic Readings

In an Angel Reading, you will connect with your Angels and receive answers to your questions, grace and hope and true blessings.

Each of us have Guardian Angels whose purpose is to provide guidance which offers clarity, awareness and true resolution to challenges. Our Angels are powerful Messengers of Light who are devoted to our well-being, especially during times of transition, healing and expansion. They are here to help, inspire and support us in every aspect of our life.

Angel Readings last anywhere from one and a half to two hours. I never know exactly how long each reading will be because so much depends on what information your Angels have specifically for you.

The cost for an Angelic Reading is $111

Angelic Reading

Each reading is taped for your convenience so you can relax and receive the many blessings, specific guidance, and healings the Angels have for you.